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Picking the right travel insurance policy for you

Travel insurance varies hugely, with each policy offering a different amount based on different features.

Single Trip travel insurance policies are perfect for insuring one holiday. If you’re looking for cover for your weekend away, your city break holiday or weeks in the sun, this policy type is hassle-free and affordable. On a single trip policy, you can travel for up to a year with the same amount of cover, so even if you’re headed away for a couple of months, this could be the policy for you.

Boots offer five levels of cover on their single trip policies; Lite, Bronze, Silver, Gold and Platinum. All you have to do is decide which level of cover suits your travel insurance needs and then select the ‘Get quote’ button.

Multi Trip travel insurance policies are the most cost-effective option if you’re considering taking more than one trip throughout the year. They cover all the travelling you will intend to do, for one price. There are often limits on how long each trip can be for. For Boots customers, Multi Trip policies allow you to go on an unlimited amount of non-consecutive 31-day trips within a year.

Boots Multi Trip policies also have five levels of cover: Lite, Bronze, Silver, Gold and Platinum. If this is the policy type for you, just decide which level of cover suits you best and then click the ‘Get quote’ button.

Longstay policies are similar to Single Trip policies, but often offer lesser amounts of cover. You can travel for longer on a Longstay policy than any other – with Boots Longstay policies you can travel for up to 18 months, allowing you plenty of time to either work, study or travel during your time away from the UK.

If you’re heading on a cruise, picking a cruise policy is ideal for your trip. At Boots Travel Insurance, we offer a Cruise policy which covers you for one single cruising holiday, or you have the option of adding on a cruise extension to your Multi Trip policy to cover you for your cruise. Our Cruise insurance offers specialist cover for things such as itinerary changes, which can disrupt your plans, and cabin confinement should you injure yourself or fall ill on your trip.

If you’re a fan of hitting the slopes and skiing or snowboarding your holiday away, adding on a winter sports policy add-on to your existing single trip or multi trip travel insurance policy will cover you for the activities that you’ll want to participate in, for an affordable price. This add-on includes specialist cover for things such as hired ski equipment, your ski pass, if an avalanche occurs and if you turn up and there is no snow.

All of our policies offer cover for pre-existing medical conditions, so you don’t need to worry about being restricted with your holiday plans because of your insurance policy. Our unique medical screening system allows us to assess your medical situation accurately and provide you with a price to fit your budget.