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24/7 Emergency Assistance

Finding yourself in an emergency situation where you have to seek medical attention as soon as possible can be unsettling at the best of times, but when you are abroad it can be increasingly stressful.


Key Benefits


  • Boots Travel Insurance has a dedicated emergency assistance team designed to help you 24 hours a day, 365 days a year. A doctor-managed emergency service; you can contact a member of this team by calling either +44 (0) 203 824 0710.  You can also contact them via email on operations@emergencyassistance.co.uk.
  • Our emergency medical assistance team comprises of medical experts. Should you need emergency medical treatment whilst abroad, you should contact a member of our team so that they can advise you on where the best place is for treatment.
  • As many hospitals, clinics and treatment facilities often operate as businesses. This means that you will have to pay for treatment even if you have an EHIC card or the country has a reciprocal health agreement with the UK. Some private clinics even charge extortionate rates for tourists. However, if you contact Emergency Assistance Facilities before receiving treatment, they can advise you of the nearest state facility and liaise with the treating doctor to enable that you get the best care and attention you need without falling victim to some of the more extravagant prices.
  • If you use your EHIC card when receiving medical treatment abroad, we will waive your medical excess should you have to make a claim.


How it works


  • Once you have contacted EAF, you will be allocated a case number which links to the details of your case. Should the hospital question your insurance cover or want to finalise payment, EAF can provide them with instructions. Your case could even be referred to one of the many doctors on the EAF team, who will ascertain the exact nature of your injury or illness and then put in place an appropriate strategy to ensure that you are receiving the correct treatment.


European Health Insurance Card


    • If you’re travelling in Europe please make sure you have a valid EHIC, which replaced the old E111. The EHIC is free of charge and will provide discounted or free medical treatment and medication in most state European facilities. You can apply for a free EHIC card on the ehic.org.uk website.

Please note that EHIC cards are free from the ehic.org.uk website. Be aware that there are websites available which can charge up to £25 for dispatching one to you.


Important Information

Make sure you have declared all your medical conditions to us, to ensure you’re fully covered – if your health or medication have changed since you purchased the policy, please contact our customer service centre on +44 (0) 345 125 3880.

Please note, you should never provide a medical facility with your credit card details or surrender your passport to anyone.

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