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Claims Information

We hope you don’t have to make a claim on your Boots Travel Insurance policy, but if you do our dedicated and experienced Claims Team are here to help and make your claims experience as stress-free and easy as possible.

Our team will assess every claim fairly and promptly, based on the terms and conditions set out in your policy documents.

Please follow the guidelines set out below to make it easier for our team to process any claim you have to make:

  • Please write clearly and legibly when filling out your claim form – we advise using block capitals and a black pen.
  • Please provide as much information about the circumstances surrounding your claim as possible – if there isn’t enough room left on the claim form, use a separate sheet of paper.
  • If you are making a cancellation claim, make sure you obtain a claim form before you ask your doctor for a medical certificate.
  • Please make sure you provide all of the necessary documentation that is needed to support your claim – at each end of each section in your policy wording, there is a section headed ‘What to do if you have to make a claim’, which tells you what is required in each case.
  • Make sure you keep a copy of any documentation that you send to the Claims department in case anything is lost in the post.

You can follow the links on our Claims Forms page, or alternatively, call us on +44 (0) 203 824 0709 and we can post one out to you.

Once you’ve downloaded or received, completed and sent off your claims form, turnaround time is usually about ten days after the Claims Team receive your form.

All phone calls to our claims department will be returned within 48 hours, where possible, and any letters or written correspondence to the Claims Team will be responded to within 5 days of receiving your letter.

If you are making a claim under your gadget and mobile phone policy

If you need to claim for lost, stolen or damaged gadgets such as tablets, photographic equipment and mobile phones, please follow the instructions below.

-If you purchased your policy before the 1st March 2018 please contact Supercover Claims on +44 (0) 2037 949 297

-If you purchased your policy on or after the 1st March 2018 please contact Bastion Claims on +44 (0) 345 074 4811 or click on the ‘Make a Claim’ Button below

– If you purchased your policy on or after the 1st November  2019 please contact tifgroup Claims on +44 (0) 203 824 0709

If you need to make a claim under your force majeure policy

-If you purchased your policy before the 1st March 2018 please contact MGACS Claims on +44 (0) 203 540 4422

-If you purchased your policy on or after the 1st March 2018 please contact tifgroup on +44 (0) 203 824 0709

Claims Customer Service:

If you have a specific claims query, then please complete the online form below and our friendly and knowledgeable claims staff will be happy to assist you.